Who to Vote for in 2022

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Who to Vote for in 2022

May 15th, 2021 | by Diego Rodriguez

2 weeks ago, some kid named Ed Humphreys, who I have never heard of, announced he’s challenging the DISGRACE, Brad Little, to be Governor of Idaho in next year’s election.

Now, like I said, I don’t know this kid (and I don’t mean “kid” disrespectfully, but he is rather young), but the little bit I’ve heard and read about him makes me really like him. It’s definitely way too early to make any endorsements, but I would like to take this as an opportunity to make a thoughtful plea to all of our subscribers…

Every 2 years when there is an election, ignorant Idahoans line up to vote for their favorite Republican candidate who has done nothing, played politics, and supported the violation of peoples’ rights, and the demolition of conservative principles. It just makes me sick!

Remember the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

People of Idaho—if you keep voting for the same people who are already in office somewhere, then you can expect the same results! And no matter how much you love Idaho (as I do), because it is “Republican” and “Conservative” and a “nice place to live,”—Idaho is statistically not conservative at all.

Idaho has high income taxes, high property taxes, taxes on groceries, a ridiculous regulatory environment, legal tax funded abortions including a Planned Parenthood “mega” center in Meridian, licensing requirements for stupid things like hair salons, and more. Does that sound conservative to you? And Idaho has the Republicans to thank for all of this. Because Republicans have had basically ALL POWER in Idaho State Government for over 4 decades and have never fixed any of these problems.

Furthermore, when it mattered most, LAST YEAR, during the fake COVID crisis, Idaho Republicans led by the DISGRACE, Brad Little, violated Idahoan’s Constitutional rights repeatedly and nobody stepped up to do or say anything about it. Nobody. Not a single Republican anywhere elected to an Idaho office did anything.

Remember that there are two types of sins when it comes to leadership:
1. Sin of criminality—when you commit a crime or moral transgression.
2. Sin of neglect—when you neglect to do what you otherwise had power to do and should have done.

In other words, by simply neglecting to stand for Idahoan’s rights, elected officials all over Idaho have sinned and are simply unworthy of Idahoan’s support. Here’s a short list of what any one of them could have done, but never did:

1. Led a movement. There were tens of thousands of Idahoans trying desperately to resist the Governor’s unlawful emergency orders. It would have been easy for any single legislator, sheriff, or elected official to lead a movement to have this all overturned. But nobody did anything other than comply with unlawful orders.

2. Gave speeches. All politicians last year “played politics” and got nothing done for fear of political retribution. At the very least they could have stood up and given speeches, interviews, and more denouncing criminal actions by the Governor and his cronies, but nobody did anything.

3. Clarified rights. Did the Governor violate Idahoan’s rights? Yes! But show me a statement, a video, a press release, anything—from an elected official clarifying what the peoples’ rights are, and how they were violated.

4. Denounced the Governor. Everything the Governor has done in 2020-2021 has been either immoral or illegal. And yet, where have Idaho's elected “leaders” been? Why haven’t any of them stood up and made a clear denouncement of the Governor and his actions. I’ll tell you why—because they prefer to play politics and not “rock the boat.”

5. Denounced civil rights violations. In Idaho, a mom, Sarah Brady, was arrested for being at the park. Ammon Bundy and others were illegally arrested for doing nothing at the Capitol building. Oathbreaking police arrested churchgoers for having church. A family was cited for having a yard sale. COME ON!!!! Where were our elected officials? They did nothing about it! And still are doing nothing about it!

You probably heard from your own legislators that they were going to “take care of this during the 2021 legislative session.” Because that was the lie they all told their constituents. But what actually happened in the 2021 session? Nothing! Not one promise they made to you about rolling back the Governor’s unconstitutional powers was fixed. NOTHING! Sure they will all have their excuses, but results matter. And the results they gave Idaho were the same results Republicans always give Idaho: NOTHING.

I could go on and on. But you must remember this because in the next year, more and more elected officials from state officials, to representatives in the House and Senate, and Idaho’s Congressmen, are all going to pontificate about how conservative they are and how much they support the 2nd amendment, and parental rights, and blah blah blah, but when THEY WERE NEEDED THE MOST, they did nothing!

The best thing we could ever do is FIRE EVERYBODY who was in office in 2020. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. I don’t even care if they were good—and yes, I have a handful of favorites in the house, who I would probably support again.

But its still better to just wipe the slate clean and start FRESH. Don’t keep putting the same people in office who did nothing when they were needed most. Especially Idaho's Congressmen—get rid of all 4 of them. Not one of them did anything for people’s rights in 2020 when they were needed most. Not one of them!

And since all politics is “upward-mobile,” DON’T EVER VOTE for or support a candidate who did nothing in a lesser position and now wants a higher position! Brad Little was a worthless Lieutenant Governor before he became Governor. So was Butch Otter. And likewise, ALL of Idaho’s congressmen held lower offices before taking higher office.

Instead of promoting all of these losers who did nothing, Idaho should have fired them all.

And like I said, I’m not making any endorsements this early in the ballgame, but this is exactly why I prefer young firebrands who have never been in politics before—people like Ed Humphreys, because he has not been tainted with the disease of politics that everyone else in politics already has. Yes, even the ones you like. Even the ones who are your “friends.” So remember these questions when somebody asks you for your support this coming year:

  1. Did they do anything to stop tyranny in Idaho in 2020?
  2. Did they publicly denounce the Governor in 2020 or did they play it safe and keep their comments private?
  3. Did they do any real thing to protect peoples’ rights in 2020 (emphasis on “real thing”)?
  4. Did they use their existing platform, power, position, and office to defend peoples’ rights and Constitutional law?

If not, no matter how conservative they claim to be and how much you like them as people—DON’T VOTE FOR THEM! DON’T SUPPORT DO-NOTHING POLITICIANS who you only think share your conservative values. Because remember, when they were needed most—they proved that they would only play politics instead of doing what was right!

In 2022, it’s time for Idaho to take out the trash.

Diego Rodriguez
Freedom Man PAC
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