Pros and Cons of Humphreys, McGeachin, and Bundy

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Pros and Cons of Humphreys, McGeachin, and Bundy

June 23rd, 2021 | by Levi Anderson, Executive Director

We are gearing up to have a Symposium with the three conservative candidates for Governor: Ed Humphreys, Janice McGeachin, and Ammon Bundy. As such, our research team has been scouring social media, history, records, and personal contacts to help voters determine the genuine distinctions between these three candidates.

At this point, we've come up with as much information as possible and we now need your help to add to this list. This is crowdsourcing research at its best!

The following is a list of PROS and CONS of each of the candidates that we are currently aware of. These lists will be presented to each of the candidates and they will each be given a chance to respond to these criticisms. Please let us know what additional PROs or CONS of each of these candidates that you are aware of, and provide us with evidence of the same.

Note that in the following list, PROS are positions in the candidates favor, and CONS are any real criticisms or realities against the candidate.

Ed Humphreys:

PROS for Ed Humphreys:
CONS for Ed Humphreys:
  • Has no real leadership experience.
  • Once paid for the abortion of his own child.
  • Supports an Article V Convention.
  • Is supported by Butch Otter (*must still be verified).
  • Has little to no name recognition.
  • Did nothing in 2020 to fight against government tyranny.

Janice McGeachin:

PROS for Janice McGeachin:
  • Wrote a letter opposing Brad Little’s unconstitutional orders.
  • Signed an executive order while acting as governor to end mask mandates.
  • Stood in solidarity with the Hardware Brewing Company in Kendrick Idaho (ironically Janice voted in 2009 against a law which would have stripped the Idaho State Police from having power over the Hardware Brewing Company in the first place).
  • Is a small business owner.
  • Hosted Capitol Clarity in 2020 to try to keep voters informed.
  • Has a rock solid pro-life voting record. (Sponsored S1321 [in 2004] Woman’s Right-To-Know Law which provides factual information to women considering an abortion, enacted S1482 [in 2006] Woman’s Right-To-Know Law, which provides factual information to women considering an abortion, enacted H248 [in 2007] Women’s Right to View to give a mother the right to view an ultrasound image of her unborn child
  • Has solid voting record on taxes (e.g. sponsored H280 [in 2003] and H754 [in 2004] Tax Expenditure Limit which limits the growth of government spending and creates a Taxpayers Reserve Fund to return excess revenues to the taxpayer).
  • Solid track record defending wrongful convictions and parental rights (sponsored bipartisan H583 [in 2006] Expungement of Criminal Records to protect the constitutional due process rights for wrongfully accused Idahoans, enacted S1240 [in 2005] the Keeping Families and Children Safe Act to protect the Constitutional rights of parents who are under investigation for abuse and neglect of a child, 2017 co-signed a letter of support, along with 52 sitting and former lawmakers, to the US Department of Justice, advocating for the Due Process rights of wrongfully convicted Idahoan Eric Parker, a Political Prisoner of the Obama Administration, in 2019 wrote a letter of support to the US Department of Justice, advocating for the Due Process rights of wrongfully convicted and incarcerated Idahoan Todd Engel, a Political Prisoner of the Obama Administration, and helped a mother regain custody of her daughter after custody had been breached by Child Protective Services).
CONS for Janice McGeachin:
  • While holding the 2nd highest executive office in Idaho, she stood by and did NOTHING while our constitutional rights were violated.
  • She took no real action in 2020 to preserve our rights.
  • She demonstrated weakness and a lack of leadership—even allowing her key to be taken away to the Senate when she is the President of the Senate! (If she can’t stand up to Chuck Winder and Brad Little, how can she stand up to Joe Biden and the Deep State?)
  • Took no substantive action against illegal and unconstitutional orders from the Governor in 2020.
  • She voted against Campus Carry in 2011.
  • She voted against requiring driver’s licenses to only be issued to legal residents. This would have effectively made it easier for illegal aliens to stay in Idaho and even vote (by just showing their licenses).
  • She voted against Alcohol Law Amendments in 2009 which would have taken control and authority of liquor sales out of the jurisdiction of the Idaho State Police and which would have implemented a more “free market” approach to liquor sales in Idaho (currently only the state of Idaho can sell liquor and bar owners who must purchase their liquor from the state).
  • She flip flopped on two minor issues (texting while driving flip/flop and smoking in bowling alleys flip/flop).
  • She abandoned her duty as a representative and did not vote on multiple important issues including: SJM 104 - Urging Congress to Repeal Insurance Coverage of Contraception, and HCR 45 - Encourages the Establishment of Private Healthcare Exchanges.
  • Has spent too much time in government with 10 years in the House of Representatives and over 2 years as Lieutenant Governor.

Ammon Bundy:

PROS for Ammon Bundy:
CONS for Ammon Bundy:
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