The Truth About Immigration and the Weaponization of People Groups by Politicians

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The Truth About Immigration and the Weaponization of People Groups by Politicians

October 20th, 2021 | by Diego Rodriguez

This is going to be a controversial article—you're either going to love it or you're going to hate it. I can only promise to share with you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. But the truth often hurts…

I will also offer you some perspectives that you were either completely unaware of or simply had not considered before.

But with all of the outrageous politicization and outright political weaponization of people groups by politicians and the mainstream media—I feel it's HIGH TIME to have an intellectual and rational counterpoint and counter-argument to all of the insanity.

Relax, I'm a Mexican, I Can Say These Things

Our politically correct world is so ridiculous that unless you are a member of a particular people group, you are not allowed to make criticisms of that people group. This is obviously stupid and irrational, but politically correct people buy into politically correct nonsense and accept it as normal.

I don't. I therefore will make criticisms against people groups, cultures, and nations. Now, that being said, it is true, that I am a "Mexican," so I can get away with saying things that most "white people" can't.

A Quick Overview of the Immigration Problem

America has had a problem with immigration for decades. But the problem basically boils down to one single issue: immigrants are entering into our country illegally and receiving benefits at the expense of American taxpayers.

That's the problem in a nutshell. Sure, there are other problems and other details associated with immigration like crime, cultural differences, and human trafficking and abuses, but they still all come underneath the main issue of illegal immigration and the associated expenses that must be absorbed by taxpayers.

How the Left and the Right Both Manipulate the Issue and Weaponize People Groups

The sad thing here is that, in my estimation, the average American citizen has the same feeling and belief about immigration—but politicians use the issue as a political hot button to maximize their own popularity and power. And their opponents do the same in reverse.

However, in my experience, I have found that both "conservatives" and "liberals" and both Republicans and Democrats generally have the same belief system regarding immigration. That is, that both sides generally believe that immigration is an honorable and just idea, that America was built upon immigration, that we are a land of immigrants, and that we should continue to allow immigrants to legally come to this country based on a just set of rules and laws.

That is the general theme that few would disagree with. Much of that statement is simply empirical fact that cannot be debated—I mean, America is verifiably a nation of immigrants! That is how we were born and how we grew.

The issue becomes polarizing however, when it comes to WHO we let in, HOW we determine who we let in, and who PAYS for them? That is where the issue gets heated.

So liberals frame the issue as one of RACISM—that anyone who opposes illegal immigration is a racist, who hates Mexicans and who is a rich, white supremacist. The "race card" is a favorite tactic of the left as the other side has not really found a good defense for it, and since people have generally succumbed to the idea that anybody who is portrayed by the media as "racist" is a bad person. They then use poor and despondent immigrants as a tool for their own political gain while claiming anyone who denies them "help" is simply not compassionate and could care less about these poor helpless "undocumented" people.

Conservatives frame the issue as one of law and order, where we have a set of laws that must be followed and obeyed, or we do not have a country at all. That we cannot expect people who entered the country illegally on a lawless foundation to become law-abiding or productive citizens. Secondarily, the issue is a fiscal one—since these immigrants are being subsidized by the government, then they are actually stealing money from productive citizens through tax and redistribution policies.

While the conservatives claim to have compassion, their arguments make them out to be compassionless nationalists who hate all other people and don't want people coming in from other countries to ruin "their America."

In the end, the immigrants themselves become tools/pawns for both sides, that nobody really cares about, in a never-ending ideological war, that can never end, because NEITHER SIDE WANTS IT TO END.

Do you bite the hand that feeds you? Do you kill the golden goose? Do you stop the gravy train? Of course not! And politicians don't want the immigration problem to go away because it is one of their most powerful tools to garner support, power, and money from their respective followers. Think about it.

How Was Our Country Actually Built?

As previously stated, it is a historical fact that America was built on the backs of immigrants. People from all over the world came to America for freedom and prosperity. We all know that to be true. But modern day immigration arguments usually never discuss the most important part of the equation and that is this—what type of immigrants came to America?

You see, not every immigrant is the same, and that is the fundamental root of the argument I will make here in this article. It doesn't matter where you were born and where you decide to migrate to, there is a difference in the type, or dare I say QUALITY, from one immigrant to another.

Historically, hard working, freedom seeking refugees, came to this country with the hope of just being FREE. That was it. They came to America and America let them come, legally. They did not get free healthcare, free food, free housing, free money, free transportation, free legal services, and free everything. In short, they got nothing. They didn't even get help learning English.

The only thing America offered them was FREEDOM. And that's all they wanted. They left their countries with a hope and a dream of being FREE to prosper through hard work and ingenuity, and that is all that America gave them. And yes, those immigrants built this great country. FREE people from all over the world with the same perspective about FREEDOM.

So to claim that our country was built by immigrants without identifying the type of immigrants that built it is a total sham and a fraud by political manipulators and social engineers. Because not all immigrants are the same.

The Difference with Modern Day Immigrants

Today, the type of people who are entering America are completely different than the types of people who entered generations ago and who built our fine nation.

Today's immigrants (with many coming from Latin American countries on our southern border) are not seeking freedom, they are seeking welfare. They are seeking free handouts.

Yes, there are exceptions to that rule, and yes, there are many simply seeking jobs (and I will address that momentarily), but we can't build an argument around minority realities when the majority is totally different.

Let's Talk About Mexicans

So first up, let's talk about our neighbor to the south, "Mexico lindo y querido." That means "Mexico, Beautiful and Beloved" and that is how Mexicans and many Latinos in all of Latin America refer to Mexico. It comes from a popular song in Mexico.

Now, understand this—I was born in California (please forgive me, but I had no choice in the matter). My parents were also both born in America—but their fathers were both born in Mexico. So that makes me a 2nd generation American with Mexican ancestry.

Interestingly enough, if you want to play the game, my family on my father's side were living in California before California was even admitted to the union in 1850, so my "people" were here before most white people ever got here on boats in the 1900s. But that's all just a bunch of nonsense anyway (just thought I'd throw it in there for any white supremacists reading this article…)

Anyhow, I freely admit that I grew up hating Mexicans. I really did. You can call me a racist—I don't mind the accusation one bit. And the reason was simple—I didn't like Mexican people that I knew. Growing up in California, my experience with Mexicans is that they were terrible people with no family values, a lack of education, with a tendency towards violence, they were criminally prone gangsters, unfaithful men, matriarchal women with multiple generations of single mothers in one home, and generally crude and unsophisticated people with bad manners.

That was my perspective of Mexicans. And for that reason, I didn't like them. We were fortunate to be raised in a middle class family, in a middle class neighborhood, and growing up, our friends were mostly white, Indian, and Armenian.

But I didn't have any Mexican friends and I didn't care to for all the reasons I already mentioned. But guess what?

Much later in life I found out something that I never knew before. I found out that all of the people I thought were Mexican were not even Mexicans at all!!!!

I am embarrassed and ashamed to admit that I never met any real Mexicans until I was in my late 30s. That was when I traveled to Mexico for the first time as an adult to attend a wedding in Cancun (it was a white friend of mine getting married).

Of course, it is tough to judge Mexico based on Cancun, since Cancun is sooooo Americanized, but nevertheless, that was my first eye-opening experience to who Mexicans really are.

Mexicans in Mexico are not violent, are not crude and mean, have family values, and are generally wonderful people. In other words, they are totally different than the "Mexicans" I grew up knowing in California. That's when I learned there is a huge difference.

If you know any Mexicans here in the United States, the likelihood is that they aren't Mexicans at all, they are "Chicanos." They are people of Mexican ancestry who were born and raised here in the United States. And quite frankly, Chicanos are THE WORST, and I still can't stand them.

Ironically, by way of definition, I can be considered a Chicano. But that doesn't change the fact that Chicano culture is disgusting and I despise it. Chicano culture is basically a mix of the very worst that Mexico has to offer combined with the very worst that America has to offer. Mexican culture, on the other hand, is generally wonderful and beautiful, and I have completely fallen in love with it.

Think about it this way—what do black people in America have in common with black people in Africa? Does Sugar Ray Leonard have anything in common with a random Nigerian? Does Barack Obama have anything in common with an average Kenyan (other than the fact they were both born in Kenya)? Does Clarence Thomas have anything in common with some guy in the Sudan? Of course not!

Likewise, Chicanos have nothing in common with Mexicans. NOTHING. They share skin color, language, and food styles. That's it. And remarkably, even their language and food styles are markedly different.

Which brings me to my next point—who then are the types of Mexicans leaving "Mexico querido y lindo?" I have spent the last 7 years traveling all over Latin America visiting nearly all Latin American countries in an attempt to learn Spanish (and to pacify my addiction to scuba diving) and have spent the majority of those trips in Mexico having visited over 30 Mexican cities and 6 Mexican states.

And I now stay in touch with dozens of friends and family who I've met in Mexico, along with dozens more in Central and South America and I have personal, firsthand experience with all of these countries and their own immigration stories.

So I speak with some authority based on actual experience and not from propaganda-based fake news from mainstream media.

Guess Where All Other Latinos Are Migrating To?

So before we talk about Mexican immigrants coming to America, let's talk about the rest of Latin America. You see, Latin America is the most recent testing ground for socialism. After socialism completely failed in Europe and East Asia, it moved to Latin America where democratic governments and corrupt officials accepted socialism as a way to gain more power for themselves. And it worked for them (for the corrupt government officials, that is).

Corrupt government officials in places like Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, and Colombia, introduced more and more socialism while amassing all types of power and wealth for themselves. But in doing so, they also completely destroyed their countries!

The story of Cuba's fall is well known. However, few know how Argentina was once a free and outrageously prosperous country that was completely ruined by Cristina Kirchner, who is basically the Argentinian version of Hillary Clinton. She brought in massive socialist policies that destroyed the country's wealth and culture, and erased the savings and earnings of the country as inflation destroyed the buying power of the average Argentinian. Today, Argentina is a basket case and people are fleeing by the thousands.

More well known is Venezuela, which once was the wealthiest country in all of Latin America, with more oil reserves than the USA, Canada, and Mexico COMBINED, and even more natural resources with abundant supplies of gold, silver, iron, natural gas, diamonds and more. Additionally, it once had a thriving tourist economy with even the highest waterfall in the world being located there (it was the inspiration for the Pixar Movie UP).

But they also accepted socialism and today it is a complete disaster with totalitarian government rule, people starving in the streets, and out of control crime and loss of civility as desperate people turn to desperate measures just to survive.

I have been to the border to see desperate Venezuelans trying to cross over into Colombia for basic necessities. I have experienced it with my own two eyes and I can tell you personally that it is the most desperate situation I have ever seen. Words cannot describe it, and there is not space enough to even try.

I can go on and on about Colombia, Ecuador, and now Chile, which was once a shining star in the Latin world—but now is accepting socialism and the disasters that come with it.

So here's the big question that Americans are nearly 100% ignorant of—where are all of these thousands and thousands of latinos who are fleeing socialism in their respective countries escaping to? Where are they going to seek freedom and peace and good paying jobs so they can feed their families?

Do you know? Do you have any clue?

Well, there are basically two countries accepting "refugees" from all of these countries who have been destroyed by socialism—Mexico and Panama.

I was just in Panama in their immigration office to get firsthand evidence for myself. And I've been all over Mexico documenting this. It is actually funny (at least ironic) for me to see and hear Mexican citizens complaining about Venezuelans who are skilled and talented and who are taking away Mexican jobs from the Mexicans because they are willing to do the same work, at a higher quality, but for lower pay.

Millions of Americans every year visit Cancun—if you go, ask your waiter or waitress where they are from—probably at least half of the time they will tell you a country besides Mexico. Colombians, Cubans, Venezuelans, and Argentinians are everywhere in Southern Mexico. Entire areas of Playa del Carmen (south of Cancun) are almost entirely Argentinians. And entire zones in Cancun are Colombians or Venezuelans.

And you know how a huge majority of doctors here in America are Indian? Well, a huge majority of doctors in Mexico are Cuban. Just like we make jokes in America about Indian doctors, in Mexico they make jokes about Cuban doctors. These smart doctors escaped Castro's regime in Cuba where they would be lucky to make $40 per month (no, that's not a typo), and came to a FREE MARKET in Mexico where they can now earn whatever the market allows.

So if all of Latin America wants to move to Mexico, why are Mexicans trying to move to America?

Most Mexicans Would Never Leave Mexico

Something you might not know about Mexico is that there is a ton of wealth in Mexico. Like, a ton! And I'm not talking about the narcos, or drug traffickers. I'm talking about regular business people—from grocery chains, to tequila or mezcal producers, to furniture manufacturers, and fabric manufacturers, to owners and executives of huge production plants for internationally renowned companies like Ford, Chrysler, GM, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Fender, Samsung, LG, and more. Yes, they all have plants in Mexico!

The richest man in the world for more than a decade was Mexican businessman, Carlos Slim (who at a net worth of over $60 billion is still in the top 10 richest men in the world—depending upon who's counting), and Mexico even has a growing list of YouTube millionaires with millions of subscribers.

Couple that with Mexico's famously low cost of living and equally famous high quality of life, and you have to wonder, who would want to leave?

I mean, in Mexico your family of 4 can live on the beach overlooking the ocean, eating all organic food, with fiber optic internet, no 5G cell towers nuking you, and with a live-in maid ("domestica") preparing all your meals and doing all domestic duties, in a 2 story house with a pool for around $4,000 per month. And that is all of your monthly expenses included, not just your rent/mortgage. In other words, you and your family can live like royalty in Mexico for less than $50,000 per year.

You can survive for only $1,000 per month or live like a ballin' Saudi Arabian prince for $10k per month.

And with the Mexican middle class growing every day, and more and more American amenities in all major cities (Walmart, Starbucks, Costco, Sam's Club, Home Depot, etc. are all common staples in every big city in Mexico), what reason is there for any well-to-do Mexican to leave?

The answer is simple—THERE IS NONE! Employed Mexicans simply do not want to leave "Mexico, lindo y querido!" In fact, statistics show that more Americans move to Mexico every year legally than the other way around.

So Then WHO Are All These Mexicans Who Are Illegally Trying to Cross the Border to Come to America?

Well, forgive me for telling you the truth, but they are the WORST TYPES OF MEXICANS. Sure, there are always exceptions to this rule, but I'm speaking in broad generalities.

Think about the worst Americans that you know. Who are they? Uneducated rednecks, trailer trash, hillbillies, gangsters, criminals, "norteño and sureño" chicanos, "bloods and crips," socialist leeches, etc. Right? I mean you can make your own list, but that's a good starting point.

Now imagine that only these people left America and moved to Canada. And when they got to Canada, the Canadian government moved them into their neighborhoods with taxpayer money, subsidized their sloth and crime, and allowed their criminal activity to terrorize the Canadian citizenry. Imagine this was the only vision that Canadians had of "Americans." What then would Canadians think of Americans?

You get it? You see, America has provided a source of seduction for the worst types of Mexicans to come to America—because we offer them FREE STUFF.

Poor Mexicans without money or skills, and with broken backgrounds from generations of ungodly perverse lifestyles, who find themselves destitute, despondent, and without hope, come to the United States seeking help because we literally ADVERTISE that they will get FREE STUFF from America if they will just come.

Of course, the process of getting here can often be brutal, dangerous, and horrifying. But politicians don't care about the human cost involved—they only care that this situation gives them power!

Now, besides those coming for FREE STUFF, there are generally only two other types of people coming: criminals and people down on their luck, looking for a job or for freedom (those who are coming for freedom are those immigrants from other countries who are trying to sneak into America by crossing the Mexican border since Mexico itself is a very free country—freer than the United States in many ways). This means that there are generally 3 types of people crossing the Mexican border:

1. Criminals.
2. Mexicans coming for freebies and handouts.
3. People down on their luck looking for a job or for freedom.

Most Americans I know have no problem with the people in group 3, but who wants to allow group 1 to come and who wants to subsidize group 2? Nobody with a right mind, that's for sure.

And this is how the media and wicked politicians fool everyone. The left categorizes ALL IMMIGRANTS as group #3, and the right likes to categorize ALL IMMIGRANTS as groups #1 and #2. They're both wrong.

All 3 groups are coming. But only group #3 is the group that built America and made America great. And these are the people that we should continue to let come. Not just from Mexico, but from the entire world. Chinese people escaping communism, Germans escaping tyranny, Christians escaping terrorism in the Sudan, Indians escaping poverty, Afghanis escaping the Taliban, and now even Australians and Canadians escaping despotism in their own countries. Let them all come to America! Let them build us up all over again. But let's give them absolutely NOTHING other than FREEDOM!

I've even had conversations with straight up white supremacist aryan brotherhood racists (yes I know some, from California no less), and asked them if immigrants came to this country and were not given a red cent of government handouts, and had to work for everything they got, and our government didn't give them any special benefits, and didn't even require government communication in their languages, would you care if these immigrants came? And they mostly say no (as long as they don't move near them they told me, hahahaha).

People Really Are All the Same

If you visit Mexico City, Cancun, or Panama City, three of the top destinations for Latin American immigrants fleeing socialism, guess what you will find?

In nearly all cases, the people fleeing their country are all fleeing looking for a job or for freedom. You know, category #3 above.

In other words, people really are all the same. People want to be able to support their families. Most people want to be free. But the main reason people want to be free, is not so that they can actually BE FREE for freedom's sake, but because FREEDOM is what provides them the opportunity to be financially independent and to provide for themselves and their family.

What is the Solution to the Immigration Problem?

So what is the solution? Is it building a wall? No, it's not. I don't really have a problem with the concept of a wall as it helps prevent people from group #1 and #2 from coming entering our country illegally. But it certainly is not a real solution, and it won't stop the flow of illegal immigration, it will just slow it down.

The solution is definitely not open borders as that will only accelerate and increase the existing problem a million fold!

The solution, I believe, is sooooo obvious and so simple, that it will likely NEVER be done because ignorant Americans are so propagandized and so addicted to their polarized positions and their echo chambers, that they will never vote out their WORTHLESS elected officials who never solve anything, and will never VOTE IN those with the courage and ideology to do the right thing. They likewise don't have the courage to look inwardly and see where they are being hypocritical, or at least inconsistent. You'll see what I mean in a minute…

Donald Trump might be one of the only examples we have had in recent history of American voters doing the right thing. And while President Trump obviously wasn't perfect, he definitely took us in the right direction for the first time in my adult lifetime (I was a child when Reagan was President). Nevertheless he, like Reagan, only slowed down the continual path towards the utter collapse of our once-great nation because socialists are still in charge and are entrenched in the deep state.

So what is the right thing? Well, it's simple—get rid of all welfare in this country. All of it. Not just free "handouts," but all welfare. ALL. OF. IT. Educational welfare. Social Security welfare. Healthcare welfare. Housing welfare. Corporate welfare. Farm welfare. Vocational training welfare. Any payments or services made by government to, or on behalf of citizens, is welfare. It's all wrong. It's all immoral. It's all unconstitutional, and it's all unbiblical.

And the problem is that even so-called "Patriots" are addicted to some forms of socialist freebies. Whether it is sending their kids to free government schools, or elderly patriots who've been fooled into believing that Social Security is "their money that they paid into for years" and don't recognize that it's just another government handout and scheme invented by communists to control the elderly and destroy families, or if it's unhealthy patriots or down-on-their-luck patriots who can't afford medical treatment who want free or subsidized healthcare; until Americans completely abandon all welfare—ALL OF IT—we will never have the moral clarity nor the ideological foundation to advance freedom and historical Constitutional TRUTH.

Think about it, if you want to get rid of immigration welfare but maintain public school welfare, how are you not a hypocrite? If you want to get rid of welfare payments to poor people but keep welfare payments to corporations and farmers, how can you call yourself consistent? If you want to get rid of Obamacare, but you want to keep Social Security, how is your claim to philosophical Constitutional conservatism not a fraud?

And as it pertains to immigration, if there was no welfare, then who would WANT TO COME TO AMERICA? Only the best immigrants, with skills, grit, determination, and an undying love for FREEDOM and LIBERTY that is, and would be, unmatched by even our most passionate modern day "patriots." Because American patriots love freedom based on education and ideology, but these types of immigrants love freedom because they have EXPERIENCED what it is like to live in a place where there is no freedom. And ideological passion can never match passion from REAL EXPERIENCE.
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