The True Enemy of America

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The True Enemy of America

November 14th, 2022 | by Diego Rodriguez

Recent events, namely the "medical kidnapping" of my grandson by the state subsidized child trafficking ring known as CPS, and run by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, has brought about some truths that I believe must be highlighted and articulated.

In moments of dire need and extreme injustice, the true character of individuals shines through. There is an old saying, "You are who you are when you are under the greatest pressure."

Many of you recently felt that pressure when Baby Cyrus was kidnapped. My family certainly and obviously did—but the world was likewise watching and feeling pressure to do something. To act. To get involved. Or just to "pick sides."

And this is when people's true character shines through. When genuine injustice, wickedness, and corruption are on full display, captured on video, and published for the world to see, how do you respond?

I find it fascinating how moments like this transcend politics, rivalries, and past feuds and trivialities amongst people and friends. Some people step up to the plate to support and fight for justice, while others fade away into the shadows hoping that nobody will call on them to do what's right.

However, the point with a case like Baby Cyrus's kidnapping is that everybody who innately believes in the rights of parents to raise their children and who intuitively recognizes that FORCEFULLY STEALING A BABY away from its parents AT THE POINT OF A GUN is just flat out wrong, came together and unified, in spite of other beliefs with which they might disagree with.

Republicans and democrats, men and women, black and white, religious and those without faith—everyone coalesced around the cause. And many started to see that even though we all are different and have different belief systems, there are some CAUSES that are universal that we can all fight for and unify around.

And when these things happen, it helps people realize they can agree on these "essential" issues, and on other "non essentials," we can simply agree to disagree.

Who in their right mind can justify what happened to Baby Cyrus? No single person who has watched the videos can say, "That all looks good to me! That's exactly how it should have happened."

Police, doctors, CPS, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, and ultimately the judge (Judge Laurie Fortier) all worked together to violate rights, destroy a family, and physically and emotionally harm the lives of innocent citizens. And it is all 100% documented.

It begs the question—why did this happen? How can this happen? What is the root cause of this?

Ultimately, the answer is rooted in people's ideology. And this is why it is so important for us to stop labeling people and casting them as being a part of "groups" to which they don't necessarily belong.

Believe it or not, not all democrats support abortion. Not all white men are racists. Not all people who go to church believe the Bible (I do). Not all republicans are conservatives. Not all doctors care for people's health. Not all cops defend the Constitution (or even know what it says). It is time for us to stop assuming we know what people believe because of their association with a particular "group."

You see, the root cause that allowed all of the aforementioned government organizations to rally together to kidnap Baby Cyrus is an ideology that is held by both Republicans and Democrats. By both police officers and Black Lives Matters adherents. By both judges and laymen, by doctors and drug addicts.

The ideology is—STATISM.

Statism is not the same thing as socialism or communism. In short, the simplest way to understand or define statism is this: statism is the desire to have government solve problems.

In the case of CPS or "child welfare," statists believe that the government has the right and authority to make decisions for children over the rights of parents. And so we end up with tyranny.

Many people, even those who consider themselves "conservatives," are innate statists. They want the government to educate people, provide healthcare, take care of the elderly, rehabilitate addicts, and the list goes on forever! However, both the Bible and our founding documents assert that government really only has two functions:

1. Protect the people from invasion or physical attack.
2. To execute justice.

That's it. Government is not supposed to provide for your health, education, food, housing, clothing, finances, emotions, or any of the other bazillion things that government currently involves itself in.

By default, the vast majority of people who make a living off the state—meaning all or part of their paycheck comes from government—are statists. Police, firefighters, teachers, school district employees, hospital employed doctors and nurses, state employees, politicians, and more, are almost universally statists. It's why so many "Republicans" can't stop voting for bigger government, even though they claim to be opposed to it.

You see, all these people make money from the state and so they naturally want the state to have more power and more money—which in turn gives them more power and more money. This ultimately means that the state will have more power and more control over people's lives.

However, if you believe in freedom, it is the PEOPLE who will ultimately have nearly all the power and the government will be limited to its two aforementioned roles. In a free society, some parents will be better than others. Some people will be more effective than others. People will be free to disagree. Free to fail. Free to succeed. Free to love. Free to hate. Freedom naturally ensures that you will get your feelings hurt. Because in a free society, people are free to dislike you, to make fun of you, to have opinions different than yours, and to not hire you or give you the pay raise you think you deserve.

With statism, only the state has power. The state enriches, the state controls, and the state makes all the decisions. This will go so far as to include kidnapping your children and deciding what marriage is. Think about it. If you think it through, you can come to no other conclusion than the fact that statism is the true enemy of America!

The most recent midterm elections have taught us many things, and while even taking into account the great amount of voter fraud that was involved, we must still realize how many millions of Americans voted for statism. And if you take that growth out to its logical conclusion, it doesn't bode well for the future of our country as a nation.

So ask yourself, are you part of the statist problem? Or are you a true lover of FREEDOM? Do you want more government or less government? Did you vote for statists or freedom-loving patriots? Remember, having an R by their name doesn't make a candidate any more of a friend of freedom than Castro or Stalin. And just because you go to church on Sunday doesn't make you any less of a statist than Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama.
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