American Convicted to Federal Prison for Sharing Memes Against Hillary Clinton on Twitter

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American Convicted to Federal Prison for Sharing Memes Against Hillary Clinton on Twitter

November 29th, 2023 | by Gunner Steele

Tucker Carlson had an interview last week with Douglas Mackey, just a regular old American dude who shared some memes on Twitter against Hillary Clinton. His memes were often funny and stupid, and included the following one below, which he himself didn't even make—he simply found it on the internet and reposted it:
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As you can see, it's a funny meme and obviously points fun of the fact that Hillary Clinton voters are so stupid that they would believe something like this. And that's the point—it is satire!

But even if it wasn't satire, even if it was a deliberate attempt to cause people to not vote through the publication of false information, that is still not a crime. That is simply the exercising of one's free speech. Our right to vote cannot be subverted by force—but it can be influenced in any other way.

Any and every article in favor of or against any candidate is an attempt to INFLUENCE the voting public. Every conversation between friends and family members is an attempt to INFLUENCE the voting public. Every lobbying group or "think tank" that publishes reports, voting guides, and voting records is an attempt to INFLUENCE the public.

Even lies against politicians that are otherwise "defamatory" are not illegal because our defamation laws in this country exclude any "public figures" meaning you can say that Donald Trump is a gay, transgender, trans-dimensional, reptilian shapeshifter, and even provide deep fake videos of him which demonstrate it to be so, and there is nothing he can do about it. He can't sue you. He can't win. Because you committed NO CRIME.

Yet, in Biden's America, any political opposition can and will be prosecuted! This should terrify every single one of you to your core. This case and prosecution will be looked at through the lens of history as one of the KEY CASES that signaled the end of Freedom in America.

Think about it, if regular Americans can be prosecuted and imprisoned simply for satire that opposes political rulers, then we are openly accepting the fact that we live in a dictatorship.

It is that simple. You can't call it anything other than a dictatorship.

So the question we must now ask ourselves is what are we going to do about it? Tell me what you think we should do in the comments below…
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P.S. You can donate to the GiveSendGo campaign for Douglas Mackey's legal fund here: https://www.givesendgo.com/douglassmackeycase
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