What is a PSYOP and Have You Been Attacked by One? Part 2 - COVID's Biggest Psyop

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What is a PSYOP and Have You Been Attacked by One? Part 2 - COVID's Biggest Psyop

November 13th, 2023 | by Gunner Steele

Last week we learned what a PSYOP is (psychological operation), and we also learned that the primary purpose of a PSYOP was to mentally defeat those who posed the biggest threat to whatever evil scheme the "powers-that-be" were trying to execute.

In 2020, the world experienced the greatest universal tyranny that any of us have ever seen in our lifetimes—particularly in the West. We saw violations of our cherished freedoms over and over again. The list is too lengthy to even bother writing here.

However, you would think that before our enemies could censor free speech, lock people in their homes, arrest Pastors, shut down churches, restrict travel, demand that you wear face diapers, close schools, murder millions, create forced inflation, and force people to inject a bioweapon into their bodies through extortion, that there would be some sort of actual or real RESISTANCE to such tyranny!

I mean, you would think, right?

And while there were small grass roots resistance efforts around the country here and there, it is undeniable that a meaningful resistance movement or major counter-offensive from patriots, conservatives, Christians, libertarians, anti-vaxxers, and general freedom fighters never materialized.

And you have to ask yourself: WHY?

Why did those who have the most to lose do the least to prevent it from happening? When the same aforementioned groups have the majority of the buying power, the discretionary income, the moral authority, the guns, and the platforms for mass communication (pulpits, churches, and direct communication); why did they generally all respond to the COVID tyranny by essentially doing NOTHING?

How could that be? If these groups simply banded together, they could have pushed back the COVID tyranny and ushered in a new wave of freedom, liberty, and higher civil consciousness the likes of which we have not seen since the American Revolution!

But NO, that didn't happen. In fact, these groups (to which I happily confess and admit that I belong), collectively did absolutely nothing. And they all just sat back and WAITED without taking any real or meaningful action. Any average observer would have to ask the question—WHY?

Well, I find it remarkable that in the same year of 2017, after Anthony Fauci made the public claim, right before Trump was inaugurated, that the "next administration" would face a pandemic or public health crisis, that out of nowhere, a post is made on 4Chan from someone who alleged to have top level government security clearance, and started the process of describing a new theory which claimed that the same tools that are used to spy on average Americans have likewise collected damning evidence on all the evildoers in our society—particularly high level "elites" like the Clintons, Hollywood executives, and other pedophiles, and generally all of the corrupt politicians in office.

Some viral videos were made from this same anonymous poster that described how a movement was under way that would ultimately lock them all up and bring justice to this unjust society of perverts and elitist tyrants.

And it sounded pretty amazing. Not only did it feed the desires of those of us who crave justice, but it sounded entirely plausible. I mean, if the 3-letter agencies can spy on every person on the planet, that includes all of the "elites" and all of our corrupt politicians. We just need people with access to band together and agree to expose them all. And this anonymous poster described this very thing on message boards, online videos, social media, and more.

And it caught on! People believed it. I myself even believed it could be possible. And more than anything I loved the idea that it could be true and was potentially going on "behind the scenes."

I soon found out that many of my friends and other people, both uneducated and remarkably intelligent people were all buying in to this same idea. And pretty soon it became a sort of movement with its own slogan: "Where We Go One, We Go All." WWG1WGA. I'm sure you've seen it before.

And the movement got a name: Q ANON.

I'll admit to you right now, that I was excited about it when I first heard about it all. I even shared some of those early videos with some friends of mine. But the time came very quickly when I abandoned the idea and realized it was all a scam and nothing more than a giant psyop. You wanna know how and why?

Well the answer is simple—as soon as Q began encouraging every one to simply "do nothing" and just "wait" and "trust the plan," I immediately knew it was a PSYOP.

And they've got it all planned out. If you oppose or expose the psyop you're simply noted as being "part of the cabal," or "controlled opposition," and Q adherents will simply not be able to discern truth from fiction. In the end, they just always feel they are intellectually or morally superior for doing nothing.

Remember, that's the overriding goal of a PSYOP—to get the people who pose the biggest threat to you to DO NOTHING! And that is exactly what the Q movement was. It was a giant psyop to get the greatest threats to the tyrants to collectively DO NOTHING.

And boy, oh boy, did it work! Look back at the last several years: COVID tyranny, fake elections, police brutality, rampant corruption in the courts, censored speech, and more—and those groups who could have shut it all down, namely Christians, conservatives, right wingers, libertarians, patriots, anti-vaxxers, and the like—mostly did nothing to stop it all from happening.

Why? The answer is obvious—they were manipulated by a psyop. Notice how there aren't many liberals in the Q Anon movement? Notice how feminists, communists, socialists, pedophiles, and "elites" were not targeted by Q, nor were they adherents to it.

Because leftists and liberals are on the side of the enemy. They don't need to be shut down—they're already the useful idiots feeding the beast!

It is the Patriots and lovers of freedom who must be stopped! Because as a group and as a force, they are unstoppable. The government, the devil, and all of the forces of humanity combined could not stop them if they bound together and fought for a cause. (The American Revolution is evidence of that.) The only single, solitary means of shutting them down would be to convince them internally that the best course of action for them, and even the morally superior action is to…DO NOTHING.

And that is what a psyop is all about, and that is exactly what Q Anon was and still is. It is a psyop executed against patriotic, right wing, believers in freedom to make them think that if they just DO NOTHING and "trust the plan," that eventually justice will take place. No matter how many times Q's predictions don't come to pass, the Q adherents, like brain washed cult members keep on "trusting the plan" and continue to DO NOTHING while tyranny continues unabated.

That's the power of a Psyop.

Next week, I'll describe the most powerful Psyop ever executed upon believers. Buckle up, though, it's not for the faint-at-heart.
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