Judge Lynn Norton and Erik He/Him/His Stidham Have Just Gag Ordered Me

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Judge Lynn Norton and Erik He/Him/His Stidham Have Just Gag Ordered Me

April 27th, 2023 | by Diego Rodriguez

Well here is an interesting update, my friends. In the midst of all the chaos going on with Judge Lynn Norton trying to have Ammon Bundy arrested in a civil case, for a false charge of "contempt of court," she has just snuck through an additional order to gag order yours truly. Yup, it's true.

So even though in America we allegedly have "Freedom of Speech" and that right is allegedly so revered and admired and respected, and that lawsuits are allegedly supposed to be public, nevertheless, Judge Lynn Norton has just issued a "gag order" against me preventing me from publishing any discovery from this lawsuit.

Yup! That's right. Everything you want to know about this case is now gag ordered! I'm prohibited from sharing any of it. More specifically, I have been denied my 1st amendment rights and am prohibited from publishing any of the actual relevant issues to this case like:
  • How much money St Luke's received from having Baby Cyrus in their physical custody.
  • How much money the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare gets every year from the forceful kidnapping of children.
  • How many times Dr. Natasha Erickson has used the threat of CPS to control her patients.
  • What a typical physical examination by Nurse Tracy Jungmann looks like (when she examines the private parts of children who have been stolen by CPS).
  • How much money is given to police agencies through the government subsidized child trafficking ring.
  • How much more money St. Luke's CEO Chris Roth has earned compared to previous CEOs (demonstrating how he personally profited off of COVID).
  • How much money St. Luke's makes every year by performing genital mutilation surgeries on minor children.
  • How many minors have been killed at St. Luke's through incompetence and medical malpractice.
  • How many medical malpractice complaints there have been filed against St. Luke's.
  • How many people were killed at St. Luke's on ventilators during the fake COVID pandemic.
  • How much money St. Luke's received from government agencies for killing people on ventilators.
  • How many employees at St. Luke's were terminated for not receiving the COVID vaccine.
  • How many people were killed through the administration of Remdesivir at St. Luke's Hospital.
  • And and all communication between St. Luke's Hospital, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, and Governor NonBinary Brad Little's office.
These are just some of the very important and relevant issues that the public ought to know about in this case. And now, Judge Lynn Norton has legally forbid me from publishing this information to the public. (The way it actually works is that Dirty Erik He/Him/HIs Stidham writes up the "gag order," which is technically called a "Confidentiality Protective Order," and then Judge Lynn Norton signs it—which is exactly what happened.) You have got to ask yourself the simple question—WHAT DO THEY HAVE TO HIDE?

What are they so worried the public is going to find out? What type of connection does Judge Lynn Norton have to St. Luke's in order to get this type of special treatment? What type of deep corruption is going on between Ada County judges, Holland and Hart Law Firm, St. Luke's Hospital, and the Governor's office?

The public wants to know! But Judge Lynn Norton won't let them. You can read the gag order yourself by clicking on it below:
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Confidentiality Protective Order submitted by Dirty Erik He/Him/His Stidham, and signed by Ada County Judge Lynn Norton—effectively serving as a GAG ORDER preventing Diego Rodriguez from publishing any of the relevant information about this case.

(Click on the RED PDF button to download)
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