The Gifts that COVID Gave Us

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The Gifts that COVID Gave Us

January 1st, 2024 | by Gunner Steele

It might seem impossible to imagine that COVID could have done anything good for mankind or that we could look back at it and find a "silver lining." I mean, let’s be real, COVID was the most blatant tool used to exercise tyranny over free countries and free people in anyone’s lifetime (who is alive today).

COVID also represented the definitive mark in America’s history where we could never again be considered a free country. Sure, many people can make the argument that the creation of the Patriot Act marked that point, or even some other point in recent history—but beyond any shadow of a doubt, there has not been, in our lifetime, a period of time where churches were shut down, preachers were arrested, innocent citizens were imprisoned, political opponents were attacked and imprisoned, widespread and massive voter fraud was evident and accepted, national and even international censorship was sponsored by our government, and the financial wellbeing of millions of free people was destroyed by government edict. But that all came about with the COVID scam.

But as evil and wicked as government tyranny in the era of COVID was and continues to be, the truth is that we can look back today, nearly 4 years after the COVID scam began, and we can see some remarkable gifts that have been given to us. Yes, I wrote about this in two previous articles here and here, and combined, I listed 9 things that I believed were "Good Things that Will Come from the COVID Scam." They were:

  1. Americans will start saving money again.
  2. People will wash their hands (finally).
  3. The independent living movement will begin to flourish.
  4. There will be more homeschooling.
  5. Passive people became radicalized.
  6. Freedom aligned communities began to form.
  7. Patriots finally started taking their kids out of public school faster than ever.
  8. People became more politically active.
  9. Many Christians stopped being so gay.

So today, I want to top off this list with 3 more things (even though I have a much longer list to share, I’ll just share these three things for now), including the last one which might be the most important of all!

10. We know people we otherwise would never have known.

I would imagine that the people who are in your close circle of fellowship, or the people who you trust more than anyone else, or even the people who are the ones you consider your “true friends,” are either people who you met after the COVID scam, or who you got close to after the COVID scam began.

In fact, many of your friends and family members were lost as a result of COVID because their hearts were put on display and they turned out to be either tyrants themselves, or pathetic and spineless bootlickers, who have no place in your life. But, they were your family or friends that you had for years, so you kind of had to deal with them for a while. But then, you found all of these other freedom lovers, genuine Christians, legitimate Patriots, and bonafide warriors—and you said to yourself, “I found my people.” These are your closest friends to this day, and you would not even know them or would not be close to them if it wasn’t for COVID.

11. Strong and legitimate leaders are popping up all over the world.

I’ll admit, no matter how good or honest a politician appears to be, I’ll never fully trust any of them. Not Donald Trump, not Ronald Reagan, and not even my best friend. Politics has a way of making good men bad. However, the truth of the matter is that we can never complain about evil in politics if good men are unwilling to step up to the plate and take roles in government.

It is so painfully obvious that it is ridiculous. If good men don’t fill certain roles, then only evil men are available to do so by default! So those amongst us who feel led by God or compelled by duty to take on roles in government as genuine public servants should be supported by the rest of us who love freedom. Obviously, they should never be worshipped or followed blindly but they should receive our support when they do right and our criticism when they do wrong.

Nevertheless, it is so rare for ideological stalwarts to rise up to public office today. And by that I mean people who have a defined IDEOLOGY that they believe and that they're not willing to compromise on. Not just "republicans" or "conservatives" who w know don't actually believe anything and there voting record shows it.

However, as a result of COVID, we are seeing rock solid ideologues stepping up out of the shadows and running for public office and other roles in government ALL OVER THE PLACE! And many of them are getting elected.

In Argentina, a full blown self described classical libertarian, Javier Milei, just won the Presidency! I mean this guy sounds like an unhinged Thomas Jefferson. He says what he means and he means what he says. For example, he claimed that if he became President he would eliminate half of the national ministries that he believed were useless (these are like cabinet-level departments in America). This included ministries as varied as the Ministry of Education, and the ministry of Women’s Studies. And guess what? He eliminated them all his 2nd day in office!

Whether you like Milei or not, it is amazing to see someone who has an ideological foundation rise up to the highest office in his country, and actually DO WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO! What will happen 10 years from now if a thousand ideological stalwarts, who know what they believe and why they believe it, start taking over seats in their state house of representatives, or become Senators, judges, sheriffs, police chiefs, governors, and more? This is a revolution waiting to happen, and COVID gave it to us as a genuine possibility.

12. People finally are rejecting the Medical Cartel.

The "Western Medical Cartel" is made up of hospitals, doctors, and “big pharma.” It is one of the most powerful and influential cartels on planet earth. It is responsible for killing more people than wars or diseases and for destroying more people’s lives financially, emotionally, and even spiritually.

But everything in our Western World has groomed us to blindly believe and follow the medical cartel. People believe that doctors actually help them and that hospitals can cure them. Statistics, facts, evidence, and more all have shown us for decades that doctors do more harm than good, that hospitals use their patients as tools to make money and do not actually help them, and that the entire system was created to keep people sick and make money off of their sickness. It’s real simple—there’s no money to be made off of healthy people.

So they created a system to make you sick, keep you sick, and then to charge you to "maintain your health." Ultimately, they can and will kill you while raking in billions in the process. Many whistleblowers have for years been exposing this fact but it always has fallen on deaf ears. Nobody wants to hear the fact that doctors don’t heal you or that hospitals are dangerous and cause more pain, suffering, and death than anything.

We believe that cancer is common and that it can’t be cured (not true). We believe what doctors tell us when they say we have to follow their treatment or we “will die” (usually never true). We believe that the medicines they manipulate us into taking will heal us (almost never true). And ultimately when they kill us, we ignorantly believe, “They did everything they could to save us.”

At least…WE USED TO BELIEVE THAT!!! Finally, by God’s grace, the COVID scam opened people’s eyes. People started realizing, after seeing millions of their fellow Americans, their family members, and their loved ones, killed needlessly on ventilators, while the hospitals raked in hundreds of millions of dollars; and after seeing maniacal and tyrannical doctors stand in lock step with their tyrannical government overlords to force people to wear face diapers when science and common sense have demonstrated that they are useless for the cause they claim to be used; and after watching thousands of teenagers die of myocarditis and young people drop dead from heart attacks, and family members die within hours of getting the vaccine, and after watching a desperate news media try to normalize sudden deaths as if it was totally common and something we’ve lived with forever—people finally realized that it’s all a scam! The vaccines didn’t help anyone, it just made Big Pharma richer. The masks didn’t prevent anything other than freedom. Hospitals and doctors didn’t heal anyone—they just terrorized people and killed millions.

And had it not been for COVID, millions of people would go on idolizing and worshipping the MEDICAL CARTEL, like cult followers who have more faith in their gods than they have in the ONE TRUE GOD.

And finally, finally, people are starting to take a look at how twisted the system is, how evil and dangerous hospitals and doctors are, and how much they have actually put a fake “medical system” in front of and above the worship of their Creator.

Health comes from nutrition, sun, air, exercise, clean water, unprocessed foods, healthy relationships, and the elimination of parasites both emotionally and physically. It does not come from pharmaceuticals, drugs, surgeries, radiation, or processed chemicals in your body.

But America is so drugged up on Big Pharma, and so sold out to doctors and hospitals, that even those who want to believe what I’m saying is true, are so controlled by the chemical substances in their bodies that they can’t think straight enough for long enough to break free of the Medical Cartel’s grip!

But thanks to COVID, it is starting to happen…
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