What is a PSYOP and Have You Been Attacked by One? Part 4 - How Propaganda Works in a PSYOP

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What is a PSYOP and Have You Been Attacked by One? Part 4 - How Propaganda Works in a PSYOP

January 8th, 2023 | by Gunner Steele

After publishing 3 previous articles in the What is a PSYOP and Have You Been Attacked By One Series (article 1, article 2, article 3), I have been intrigued to see and hear readers' responses to them. While there are many who are appreciative of the information we are sharing, the overwhelming response is basically, "Yes, this is exactly what 'THEY' do, but I never fall for it."

And this is actually a very concerning response. This is likened to the person who says, "I'll never trust the government" while they roll down their sleeve after getting their 3rd COVID booster shot.

All the cognitive dissonance in the world can't change the fact those of us on the "political right" are just as susceptible to propaganda and PSYOPS as leftist libtard zombie-bots are. If PSYOP supporting propaganda didn't actually work, then they would cease to use it! Think about it!

They continue to use PSYOP propaganda techniques because they have proven 100% effective against all members of society, regardless of their backgrounds or affiliations. And yes, not only are conservatives, Christians, Constitutionalists, right wingers, libertarians, Patriots, anti-vaxxers, and freedom lovers susceptible to PSYOPS and propaganda, but in many cases, they/we are EVEN MORE SUSCEPTIBLE to it than the regular population.

Dear reader, I BEG YOU and IMPLORE YOU—do not fall prey to your natural desire which wants to believe that you are IMMUNE to propaganda, because you are not. The more you think you are immune to it, the more susceptible you actually are. On the contrary, you must be wary, cautious, prudent, attentive, and even fearful of propaganda, in order to protect yourself from it.

The reason why those of us on our side of the political spectrum are more easily susceptible to PSYOP supporting propaganda is for the following two reasons:

1. We are more trusting of our sources. Leftist zombie-bots get their information from legacy "mainstream" news sources like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox News. They also believe whatever they hear from academics like teachers, professors, and guys in white lab coats. However, on the political right, we get our information from preachers, pastors, talk show hosts, and right wing celebrity social commentators. While you might never believe or be persuaded by the opinion of Anderson Cooper or some other gay news pundit, you are very easily persuaded by the skinny jean wearing, gay, compliant, and doctrinally vacuous "Pastor," who gets up on Sunday mornings behind the pulpit to fill your mind with falsehoods. The same goes for popular social commentators who you "trust" because you don't know they are either agents of the government or are likewise repeating propaganda from agents of the government.

The fact that we TRUST our sources, makes it easier for the propagandists to manipulate us. All they have to do is manipulate, control, or fool the ones that we trust, and then they will repeat and disseminate the false information to the rest of us, who will firmly and blindly believe it all—no matter how ridiculous the false information happens to be.

2. We recognize that we are more intelligent and informed than the left and this becomes a measure of arrogance that precedes our fall. It is true that leftists are idiots, dummies, and ignorant boneheads. But we've got lots of people who fit that description on our side of the aisle, as well.

However, this measure of arrogance does not bode well for us as it makes us further ensconced in our own false belief systems because, instead of holding our beliefs on their own to determine whether or not they are true, we hold them in comparison with the beliefs of the left. And we therefore believe that our view is superior because it is evidently better than the belief of those ignorant leftists.

This mentality is rooted in arrogance and it therefore never considers the possibility and high likelihood that BOTH of the "popular" or "mainstream" positions on the left and the right are both demonstrably and empirically FALSE, wrong, and stupid.

Proverbs 16:18 "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall."

It is remarkably easy for a propagandist to control and manipulate us on the "right" by just creating a false narrative that is contrary to what the left believes. Even though it is still wrong, it's framed as being different and in opposition to the left—so we automatically believe it.

The left wants prayer out of public school, so those of us on the right want prayer in public school—and the debate goes on! But the entire debate is stupid, because there shouldn't even BE PUBLIC SCHOOL.

The left wants to expand Medicaid to pay for illegal immigrants, but the right only wants Medicaid to be expanded for American citizens who have paid into "the system." So the debate goes on, but there should be no debate because we should not only not expand Medicaid at all, but Medicaid should not even exist!

A million examples could be given, but hopefully you get the point.


Today, we commonly assume that those on the "right" support the military and generally support anything that the American military does or gets involved in. It really doesn't matter how many innocent people we kill, how many needless wars we start or get involved in, and it definitely never matters if our own national sovereignty or security is at risk—we just blindly "support the troops."

In short, the American right have become warmongers. But we did not always use to be this way. As a nation founded on Biblical principles with a majority of citizens being Christians, America was once a peaceful nation with peaceful citizens who did not want anything to do with war—particularly after the bloody and horrifying Civil War. For generations, Americans were pacifists, and with that pacifism (i.e. domestic tranquility) came an exponential increase in prosperity and cultural morality.

In fact, by the time the greatest military conflict arose in Europe, which later became known as World War I, the general consensus of the American people was, "We don't want any part in it."

President Woodrow Wilson actually won the Presidency in 1917 with the slogan, "He kept us out of war."
Woodrow Wilson Keeps Us Out Of War

President Woodrow Wilson's campaign slogan was "Who Keeps Us Out of War."

However, as I noted in a previous article, "…for reasons we'll leave you to surmise or investigate, just a few months after his second inauguration, President Wilson asked Congress to declare war against Germany. The problem was that Americans wanted no part in war, especially a war on another continent that had nothing to do with America!"

So how in the world did Woodrow Wilson get the entire public to go along with his changed desire to go to war and to sacrifice American lives on another continent? Well, he used a PSYOP, of course! More specifically, he implemented what would later be recognized as the very first Executive-level sponsored, government subsidized, propaganda machine. It was called the "Creel Commission" aka "Committee on Public Information (CPI)." And Woodrow Wilson hired propagandist George Creel to run it.
George Creel

George Creel (credit: PBS.org)

The Creel Commission has been highly researched and written about and you can go down that rabbit hole on your own at your leisure. For now, consider this observation from Noam Chomsky who has thoroughly studied and examined the history of the Creel Commission:

"They established a government propaganda commission, called the Creel Commission, which succeeded, within six months, in turning a pacifist population into a hysterical, war-mongering population which wanted to destroy everything German, tear the Germans limb from limb, go to war and save the world."

Now something very important to remember is that the average American in 1917 was Christian, conservative, and what would be considered today, "right wing." In fact, the average middle of the road American back then was more like a right wing extremist today.

That means that the Creel Commission was successful in flipping mostly Christian, conservative, right wing, Patriots into a "hysterical war-mongering population." That's the power of a PSYOP and that's the power of propaganda.

So how did they do it?


History tells us the details of the Creel Commission's techniques, but let's focus on just three of the things that they did:

1. Use mainstream media to repeat your message. The Creel Commission (CPI) used every form of mass communication available at the time—primarily radio and newspapers. Within months he had more than 20,000 newspaper articles in favor of going to war published EACH WEEK! The CPI also created newsreels to be shown in movie theaters all across the country extolling the greatness and the bravery of Allied troops (the "good guys") in the battle against the evil Germany. You know, the "bad guys."

2. Silence all opposition. Believe it or not, in order to ensure the success of his PSYOP, Woodrow Wilson actually shut down newspapers who opposed the war and even imprisoned journalists! When you see journalists, news reporters, media personalities (like Alex Jones), whistleblowers (like Julian Assange or Edward Snowden), and activists (like Ammon Bundy) being maligned, imprisoned, attacked with lawsuits, and vilified, you can know with near 100% certainty that it is all part of a PSYOP.

3. Infiltrate trusted sources and entice them to repeat your message. One of the most successful tools utilized by the Creel Commission was what they called "Four Minute Men." In short, this was a volunteer army of at least 75,000 men who went all across American giving pro-war speeches. As noted by Military History Now,

"Speakers were typically middle-aged males that were too old to fight, but who had experience working crowds. Lawyers, preachers and small-town politicians made ideal candidates. The mini-lectures, which could fairly be described as crude, jingoistic 1917 equivalents of today’s TedTalks (minus Power Point), were delivered at county fairs, in church basements and on factory floors from coast to coast."

The reason these Four Minute Men were so successful is simple—they used trusted sources. These Four Minute Men were Pastors, Sunday School teachers, your buddy's dad who was an "educated" lawyer, and the local Mayor who also attended your church.

But they were all repeating talking points given to them directly or indirectly by their war-hungry government. But hey, if you're a pacifist one day seeking "peace with all men" (Romans 12:18), and supporting a non-interventionist foreign policy, but then your Pastor, Sunday School teacher, and other local leaders start telling you repeatedly that we must go to war to "save the world," and to "preserve liberty," and to destroy "evil Germans," then BOOM, just like that you change your mind and go with the flow—all they while being 100% ignorant to the fact that a government subsidized PSYOP was simply using sophisticated propaganda to form and shape your opinion.

So now you know how PSYOPS actually work. Now you know how the propaganda they create and spread affects each one of us. So now you have to ask yourself the question, Do I believe what God wants me to believe, or do I believe what the government fooled me into believing?

I implore you to use this knowledge to build stronger barriers for yourself to avoid being affected by PSYOPS. And please recognize that not even the American pulpit is trustworthy anymore. Think about it, if 99.999% of all Pastors shut down their churches willingly and complied with illegal, unconstitutional, immoral, and unethical COVID mandates, then how in the world can you trust what they say about other "political issues?"

This is why you must "…study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needed not be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth." (2 Timothy 2:15)
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