5 Great Lessons Learned in 2020

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5 Great Lessons Learned in 2020

December 28th, 2020 | by Gunner Steele

Well this is going to be my final blog entry for 2020. I don't need to reiterate for anyone what a crazy year it has been. For now, I just want to highlight very quickly what I believe the 5 GREAT LESSONS of 2020 have been. Obviously, there are tons of lessons for everyone to learn and consider, but below I will list what I believe to be the 5 greatest or most important lessons in the context of politics, government, and faith:

1. There is No Lie So Great or Implausible that the Mainstream Propaganda Machine Cannot Successfully Propagate

We have chronicled, at great lengths, the SCAM that is, was, and will continue to be, the "pandemic" of COVID-19. But no matter how much information was freely available to all of mankind to see exactly how they were being scammed, the mainstream propaganda machine succeeded in mentally terrorizing the majority of the population to such a great extent, that they simply accepted and believed the mainstream narrative.

This demonstrates that an ignorant population can, shall, and will always be controlled by propaganda. Only informed, intelligent, and faithful citizens who possess the ability to think critically and form logical conclusions can escape such treachery.

And government schools (aka public education) exist to ensure that the masses will never be able to think critically, form logical conclusions, or attain real intelligence.

SUGGESTED ACTION: take your kids out of public school and never submit to government run or government subsidized education ever again.

2. RINO Republicans are Probably a Greater Threat to the Constitution than Democrats

There are currently 26 Republican Governors and 24 Democrat Governors in America. All 24 Democrat Governors issued lockdown orders while 19 of the 26 Republican Governors issued lockdown orders as can be seen in the graphic below:
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This means that 73% of Republican Governors were complicit in destroying the Constitution, violating peoples' rights, and illegally oppressing their citizens.

Every state in the country has stories and examples of outrageous corruption, oppression, and violation of civil rights against its citizens by Republicans at every level: local, county-wide, and statewide.

Furthermore, Republican Congressmen have been complicit in extending Federal powers, expanding bureaucracies, and voting to inflate our national debt—all while protecting their cronies and corrupt big business partners who finance them. Yes, nearly all of them voted for billions of dollars of pork and foreign aid (including $10 million for "gender studies" in Pakistan), all while slapping Americans in the face with a $600 handout to its citizens. These are supposed to be "conservative" Republicans.

The problem is that ignorant "conservative" voters continue to vote for them and allow them to keep their power and control all the while they do nothing that the Republican party claims to stand for in their own written party platform.

At least the Democrats are honest about wanting socialism and about their disdain for the Constitution. The Republicans lie about it, and their ignorant constitutents continue to support them, therefore making them even more dangerous than their Democrat counterparts.

SUGGESTED ACTION: Stop voting for Republicans just because they are Republicans. Challenge your representatives at all levels and make a vow to never support Republicans who support expanded government, who support mask mandates, lockdowns, or who permit violations of Constitutional rights. This unfortunately means you will oppose those who you have voted for in the past and even those you thought were your "friends."

3. Traditional Doctors and American Hospitals are Killing Machines that Should Never Be Trusted

Doctors, and the corrupt hospital institutions they work for, have been one of the greatest cause of death in America during the so-called "COVID crisis" or pandemic.

Their corruption knows no bounds as they have been complicit in harming and even knowingly killing their patients through well-known faulty protocols.

They have broken their hippocratic oath and have broken every moral code by falsifying information used for the public in order to enable mass hysteria and fear including:
  1. Lying about the cause of death on tens of thousands of death certificates falsely attributing the death of nearly every sickness imaginable (including cancer, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, and more) to COVID-19.
  2. Knowingly using inaccurate testing methods (RT-PCR tests) to make it appear as though more people have been infected with COVID-19.
  3. Falsifying numbers of COVID infected people without having met them, examining them, or administering tests (even faulty ones) to them.
  4. Using ventilators with bad protocols that are known to kill over 90% of all patients, with reckless abandon, ultimately killing patients who would have otherwise recovered, in order to intensify public hysteria or to receive government subsidies (around $40,000 per patient), or both.
The bottom line is that if you are so ignorant that you still trust doctors then you deserve the damage that they will bring to your life—both physical and financial.

SUGGESTED ACTION: Never trust a traditional doctor again and never go to a hospital for anything other than physical trauma (i.e. from a physical accident). Doctors and hospitals should never be used or trusted for health issues like colds, flus, COVID, cancer, etc. Learn to make doctors EARN your trust on an individual level by demonstrating their ability to think critically and by their history of success and not by their blind acceptance of "common practices."
Doctor Lauging for Killing Patients with Ventilators

4. Health Freedom Will be the Final Battleground

They're not coming for your guns and they're not coming for your faith. Nope! To do either would be to ensure an armed revolt in this country.

Furthermore, court precedence has shown that legal attacks against gun rights and religious rights have nearly always ruled in favor of those rights.

However, that same history has shown that violations of human and civil rights based on "health" have always ruled in favor of the violators. Why? Because they say it is in the "best interest" or the "greater good" to do so. Therefore, our government has for years, ruled in favor of FORCED medical procedures, FORCED vaccines, FORCED blood transfusions, and more FORCE in the name of "health."

This year showed us that HEALTH is the ultimate and final battleground for our civil rights.

While they could never walk into a church and shut it down for preaching the gospel, they can simply say, "In order to protect everyone's health, we can't let you have church anymore." And everyone complies. The few who don't, get arrested, and everyone just accepts it.

The bottom line is that the final battle for our rights will not be over what you've always thought—it will be over whether you are sovereign over your own body. The government thinks they own you and they use the propaganda trick of telling you that their actions are "for your own good" and in order to "protect your health and the health of others." Those are not only foolish lies, but they are unconstitutional violations of your civil rights.

SUGGESTED ACTION: Focus your energies on fighting for health freedom at every level. Join and support Health Freedom causes (Health Freedom Idaho is a local Idaho example) and get informed regarding Health Freedom issues including vaccines, immunity, healthy living, integrative health, and more.
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5. The American Christian Church is Pathetic

Earlier this year I wrote an article titled, Christians Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic is Shameful, which elicited great response from all sides.

In the end I even made the following challenge to any and every Pastor in America:

To any Pastor in America who has shut their church services down due to the coronavirus, I hereby challenge you to a public and written debate to Biblically defend your position.

This challenge was sent to many Pastors and many church members brought it to their own church leaders urging them to accept my challenge. This was in April, and the year is now over and NOT A SINGLE Pastor or Church leader was willing to accept my debate. The reason is obvious—they've been caught and proven to be the worthless hirelings that they are and didn't want any further exposure.

For years Christians have claimed to be praying for revival and renewal in America and for Americans to set their hearts back on God and His Word. Then along comes a fake "pandemic" causing millions of people to be struck with fear, paralyzing their minds and terrifying their hearts. This was the time for the Church to shine! People were turning their hearts towards God and were seeking answers in a confusing world.

In other words, in a modern era with hardened spiritual soil and generations of evolutionary, atheistic, and anti-god sentiments, for the first time in my lifetime, it was as if God had miraculously tilled the ground and given the American church the opportunity to reap a new harvest!

So what did the American church do? In short, our churches as a whole, complied with illegal lockdown orders all over the country—which had the effect of shutting down churches and arresting Pastors and church-goers for simply attending church.

When the Church was most needed is when it demonstrated itself to be the most pathetic. The hirelings were exposed along with their weak sheep (professed Christian church-goers) who have yet to meet a Constitutionally violating government order that they don't accept and happily comply with.

SUGGESTED ACTION: If your church shut down for any period of time during the 2020 lockdowns then your hireling leaders have been exposed! Leave your church immediately and go to a church that did not shutdown or start your own home church ministry (which is very Biblical [Ro. 16:15; 1 Co. 16:19; Col. 4:15, Phm. 2] and which have proven to be even more edifying for many hungry souls).

There are many other lessons from 2020 to discuss, but within the context of this blog, these are my top 5. Do you agree with my list? What would you add or take away?
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